We would like to invite you to visit our lovely cultural gift shop. We are located by the House of the Ten Commandments (the Synagogue in the Souq in Manama). We founded the shop in honour of our late Mama, Lily, who had a heart of gold and was always helping others. We sell locally hand-made and exclusively designed gifts, which make an ideal present for any occasion.

About US

Lily, our beautiful Mama was larger than life. Her love, joy, laughter, and sparkle will forever warm our hearts. She had a heart of gold and was always helping others, making everyone feel special.

The reason we opened the Lily B of LP Bahrain shop was our way of coping with our grief. The day our Mama passed away, half of us died that day too.

On the first anniversary of her passing, we were not able to see any light. Our world was full of darkness, but when I went to bed that night, all these visions were coming to me in my sleep, and I woke up knowing what we had to do to be able to cope without her for the rest of our lives.

Since we could not help our Mama any longer, we decided it was time to help others in her memory and it was like she was channeling herself through us to do these things. So, as my son said to me, “Mama has not passed away, she has just moved to a new home”, a lovely way of putting it. She has. She is now doing good elsewhere, spreading her love and joy.

Now, we are going to help others in her name and blessed memory, and that way, our Mama will always be alive in us all. We will channel her love and energy to help others as she always did.

Proceeds will go towards hospital research and charitable causes in her honour.

Many thanks for helping to make this dream a reality for us.

H and Y

Gift Packs

Please contact us for information on Gift Packs, be it a corporate event or a special occasion. At varying prices, we can tailor the pack to suit your requirements.